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Poster: dustyb Date: Nov 29, 2005 1:04pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: New York Times article- Grateful Dead

If you haven't read the article by now:
"One-to-one community building, tape trading, is something we've always been about," Mr. McNally said. "The idea of a massive one-stop Web site that does not build community is not what we had in mind. Our conclusion has been that it doesn't represent Grateful Dead values."-Dennis McNally

If there is anything that feels more like a community in the world of modern day live music exchange than this website than I have yet to see it. Community certainly doesn't stem from the overpriced downloads over at the Gdstore--which I guess we are supposed to believe (since that seems to be the alternative they favor right now) are better representative of current GD values--i.e. money and Itunes. I am so saddened and disappointed to hear the Dead's official word on this be such blatant BS! It is an insult to this amazing website and all the people who have contributed their time to it--whether uploading, downloading, writing reviews or maintaining the site.
The former methods of recording, trading and distribution of tapes was just a prelude and a buildup to something like the LMA! This website is the culmination of all that work, and the best model I've seen of what a deadhead community could be in the internet age, and how it could grow and flourish into the future. It's taken the efforts of thousands of people and 35-40 years of work to finally put most all of the Dead's music in one place where it is widely accessible and enjoyable, and it's been torn down in a day. For those who never saw the Grateful Dead live, this IS the community--the place to come for undisvovered gems, smart and wacky insights into shows, stories from people who were there, and so on. There has to be a better way. For the sake of the future of the music and so future generations can appreciate the spirit of the band and the deadheads united as one community, I hope there is.

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Poster: bangtailpoet Date: Nov 29, 2005 2:15pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: New York Times article- Grateful Dead

I must say, I was angry before but now I am outright offended. To slam this website and to say this is not community and that it is inconsistent with GD values (whatever that means) is just nonsense, and an offront to all the people who have put their time and efforts into maintaining this site.

Watching a bootleg copy of "Sunshine Daydream" last night and reflecting on this recent turn of events, it really strikes me how much has been lost...

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